Unable to scroll pagedown or up using hotkeys activity in IE. But the same works in Google chrome

I am unable to scroll page down or up using sendhotkeys activity in IE. But the same works in Google chrome.
How to resolve the issue ?

I tested it out on my computer and it worked on IE so it seems to be something specific to your browser or script. In my automation I attached browser to IE and within that scope did a send hotkey of pgdn (make sure special key is checked). Did you write it in this same method or somehow different?


Thanks for taking out some time to look into the issue.
Can you please let me know what version of IE are you using ? I am using IE 11 in order to test the same.
Probably it could be version issue, not sure though.


Also, i did not write in the same manner as you mentioned. I attached browser to Chrome and than wrote my scripts for hotkeys with special key as checked. So it is working fine in chrome. But when test in IE, it don’t.

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