Activity to scroll the web page

i have selectors to click on 4 radio buttons, uuper two are working fine but the robot cannot find the other two as they become visible after scrolling the page down.

Can any one help me with this issue?



Try using the Simulate Click property as it supports background execution.


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Hi @Aishwarya_Thakur

You can use the Send hot Key activity to send in keyboard commands. In the hot key activity, pass in the page down key to scroll down the page a bit.

However, Usually in web pages, the page do not need to be scrolled down to locate UI elements. IT will check for it in the entire page even though it is not visible in the screen or not. You might need to take a look at that as well… I know this as a fact as I have done many web automations and it locates every single thing without scrolling down. even the buttons at the very button of the page while the screen rests on the top… So check on the click properties like simulate click for example to check its capabilities…

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You can use send hotkey activity and under Key select scroll. If radio buttons are still not visible, add another send hotkey with scroll activity.
You could add a few seconds delay using delay activity to allow the robot to first select the first 2 radio buttons and then add the scroll then find the remaining 2 radio buttons.
I too faced the above problem , had to use scroll to help robot locate the text-boxes.

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Hi scroll is not working in my case so i tried with pgdn which is working fine for me

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Hi @sawaseem

Just checking with you, which element are you selecting in order to scroll? I’m trying it out but it doesn’t seem to work when I select the window.

eventhough its not through mouse scroll, you can use Send Hotkey for PageUp and PageDown

Hi @chakri,

PageUp and PageDown keys are not responding for this application. End does not work as well, hence I need to use scroll. Do you know if it is possible to use send hotkey for scroll?

There is HotKey scroll , like pageup, pagedown, etc

Ah I see, so it is not referring to the “scroll” hotkey? My bad, I misunderstood the conversation :pray:

You could place an “Inject Js Script” Activity and scroll by pixel…
“window.scrollTo(5000, 5000);”