Page scroll and click

i use the click activites.
and it makes the problems.
that is…
that can’t be auto scrolldown the page.
page’s length is always different and click is always get the name from excel.
page is one page and data is the this one page.
actually, data is long.
simply, page are long page and i click the excel’s name the loop.
but computer’s window cut the s IE’s window and don’t move the under the pages.
how can solved it.
PS. click in the attach browser.


Hi @elysium

Try using “Send HotKey” activity to scroll down the page.



same problem i am also facing…unable to scroll down page in IE.
pgdn and dow hotkey not working.

please help us to resolved it.

As aryanroy mentioned hot key should work

Hi buddy @elysium
I have a suggestion buddy, its not like pagedown hot key won’t work…yah it will work for sure…but as you say the page is long, we can use a same click activity but inside a retry scope activity… you might be having an element or image next to the word or element you want to see…we can identify and check with element exist or image exist activities…keep that condition in condition block of retry scope activity and use click activity that clicks on down page arrow until the element is seen, in the action block of retry scope activity…increase the number of times to the approximate number of times…so what happens is this will retry, that is, page gets scrolled down until the element is seen

This would work buddy…


Use End key in send hot key activity.

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