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I want to automate the process of scrolling the vertical bar down till the end in a desktop application. I have been reading solutions that suggest the use of ‘Send Hot keys’ and selecting CTRL+ end/down/or pgdn but none of them worked for me. The only way I got it to work is to count the number of clicks I need to reach the end of the scroll bar, then use a ‘Click’ activity on the bar inside a loop that runs for the number of clicks I need. This works but it is actually slow depending on the number of clicks for the loop. In my case it is 100. Is there any other solutions to automate the scroll activity?
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Use send Hotkey as

Thank for your quick reply!
I tried it but It doesn’t work for me. I need to reach the end of the scroll bar.

It will reach u at end of the page whats problem u r getting?

EndOfPage.xaml (6.8 KB)
I have attach a demo for this check out

I couldn’t load the file. Here’s the error message:
Could not find member ‘Id’ in type ‘’. Row: 81, Column: 75

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If you have any unique element in the end of the page, just select that element use Set Focus activity to that element

This is a workaround solution for avoiding hotkeys

Hope this helps


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as you said in your case you have to click 100 times ?? right?? this can help you!

you can use this method to scroll down to the page end 100 is number to time you are pressing DownArrow

Try and let me know if this helps you out!


I used ‘Set Focus’ activity and selected the down arrow element at the end of the vertical scroll bar but it didn’t work :frowning:

What activity I should use for this command? I used ‘Type Into’ activity and selected the scroll bar but it didn’t work.

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Try like this!

I did and it typed PGDNPGDNPGDNPGDN in the page!
I also clicked on ‘Indicate on screen’ and then clicked on the scroll bar but it didn’t work?

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Did you try above method??

@maha.maabar Can you provide a Screenshot of the Bottom part of the page?

Yes I did

can u please tell how i use this method for scrolling tool bar

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you can use the same method, or you can even check the Scroll bar Attributes and Increment the scroll down value.


hello Pradeep method is not working…i tried many times…but i donot know how i check scroll bar attributes…could u tell me how i do this.?

could u tell me how u do this …click activity in for loop as my no of clicks are less ???