How to scroll down a webpage? (Send Hotkey not working)

Hi all,

I am trying to scroll down a webpage after inputting some data. I tried using the send hotkey activity and set it to “down” but nothing happens. It also does not work when I indicate the element. Are there other ways I can use to scroll down a webpage as many times as I want?

Hi @anonymous3

May be try using pg down instead of down

And also is there a Down arrow button for scroll down we can click that button to scroll down… thanks

Hi @prasath_S,

Thanks for the quick reply. Where do I find the Down arrow button on the send hotkey activity?

Down arrow button is present in the website

Hi @prasath_S ,

My click activity is unable to interact with the scroll bar in the webpage. Although the pg down methods works, I would also like to see if the Click method will work as well.

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