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Hi all, I read out a range using the get visible text activity, then I check how often a certain word occurs in it, this works so far. Then I have a for each loop with a click text activity where I want to click on each word in turn, but it only ever clicks on the first hit, how can I change this?


For Each Loop

click text System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Matches(Inhalt_Positionen,Artikelnummer).Item(Zähler+1).ToString = doesnt work

it depends on the element holding the text

Possible options for further checking

  • selector tunings / index usage
  • click text activity along with the occurence info
    Click Text

Hi @NHoe

Have a look on the threads


Thank you for your suggestions, the problem is that I have no option in the selection of selectors.

ok, we solved such scenarios with click text and occurence info

Also crosscheck if with f4 uiframework change during taking the selector another result / other selectors are offered

occurence is my solution, thank you!

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