How to get position of text where the mouse clicks

Scenario: I want to be able to check how many “S” there are and click on each “S” and not click on the same “S” again.

Steps to reproduce:

Current Behavior: At the moment I can get the position of an element but I am trying to get the position of a specific text.

Expected Behavior: What I expect is that I want to find out how many “S” there are on the screen and clicks on the first “S” then does the automation and click onto the second “S” and again after automation clicks on third “S” if there is a third “S”. The “S” varies on each page, on one there could be one and on the second page there could be 2 “S”.

@ddpadil @ovi @Dominic @andrzej.kniola @arivu96 Would you guys have anything in mind?

Greatly Appreciate your helpCapture

Hi @Haich,

Have you checked the Click Text Activity, you can have your page selected and use the Occurrence property to click based on the occurrence.

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Hi @PD2 Thanks for your message, Yes I have tried that but did not seem to work. It keeps on clicking on the same one everytime.

I’m hoping the selector is an Integer variable.

Yes it is, any other suggestions you may have?

Of course, have you looked into Regex to count the occurrences?

Here are some references:

Find Children with Find_Desendents Scope won’t work for you? With below filter

"<webctrl aaname='*s*' />"

@PD2 I will try it out now and @vvaidya I have tried this but not able to do this. Is there an example you could provide for this please?

This one works for me. Thanks