Click exact text


I’m having a bit of a problem.

I’m developing a program and part of it is to click on text that says “Incoming email”. Sounds easy enough, but sometimes they’ve already been re-named to “Incoming email - Complete”, for example.

Because it’s set to click “Incoming email”, it clicks the renamed ones too.

Is there a way to look for and click on the EXACT text and nothing more? There’s no way to change what text to look for as everything is automatically named that.

I’ve searched the forum but haven’t found anything, though I’m struggling to believe nobody has had this problem before so apologies if it’s hidden deep in the forum or named something a bit less obvious.

Thanks all :slight_smile:


Have you considered using Click Element instead? You can set the selector so it will only find the exact text in the attribute ( ie aaname=‘Incoming email’ with no wildcards)


I have not, I didn’t know this was an activity and can’t find it?

The current process is this:

  • Count how many “Incoming email” 's there are on the screen and use that as the Occurrence in the “Click text” activity
  • Click on the last one
  • Check if it’s the one I’m after
  • If not, -1 on the occurrence and try the next one
  • If it is the one I’m after, stop there

Is there a way you can specify which occurrence you want to click on the click element activity?

Or do you mean use the click element property in the “Click” activity?