Find the TEXT and Click on it

Hi All,

I need to click the Text, and it might be anywhere on the webpage.

I’m sharing two different screenshots


So, how can find that and click on text?

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Hai @sudhasagar… Use click activity… Indicate the selector on screen which u want to click… Use find text activity ( that will help u to find the respective text anywhere on the page)

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you saying use Find text Activity and indicate the whole screen. Later use click activity right??

There are Find Text Position and Find OCR Text Position, in this which one exactly.

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@sudhasagar Can you use Click Activity on the Element that you want to Select and Check if it is Working? Also Show us the Selector of the Click Activity in UiExplorer


@sudhasagar… Use Click Activity only indicate the text that u want to click… No need to use other activities



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@sudhasagar… Cheers :clap::black_heart:

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