Click Text activity in a given text only

Hi All

Please check the below pic. I am having a Click Text activity and have provided “Quote Snapshot” text to click. But as you can see there is another text above as “Quote Snapshots”. So as the bot sees that first it clicks on that. What i want is the bot should click only on exactly what i have provided. How can i achieve that ?
I don’t want to use Occurrence property. Because again that will be a complex logic in my further code.

quote snap

Hi @kkpatel

Before click Text activity that should be expand I believe then only it will identify

Hope this helps


Yes, its already expanded before clicking. But as the first occurrence is taken by default its clicking there. In “Quote Snapshots”, “Quote Snapshot” is already there. That’s why this is happening.

My main concern is what should we do that it should click only what we have provided in the text property.


Please can you try setting the Occurrence value to 2 in the properties pane and see if that works.

Yes it is working. But as you can see my post i have mentioned without using the Occurrence property. It will be a different logic in my whole workflow if i use that and might be little complex.