How to take user input through the input dialog activity and then pass it to a click activity?

Hello Team,

I want a user to select some input through dialog then and get that input locate on the UI element then click on it.

Kindly Advise whether possible.

Thank you

Hi @Kakooza-Allan-Klaus,

You can try following:

  1. Use input dialog activity
  2. Fetch result of this activity under a variable
  3. Use click activity, identify selector of that element where this text would show up, modify that selector’s aaname with variable fetched from step 2(or can be another tag, please check in selector, which attribute contains that value).


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Hi @Kakooza-Allan-Klaus

  1. Input Dialog ->After storing the value in the variable(Eg:Demo)
  2. open UI Explorer in Click Activity and indicate on screen and check for “text” or “innertext” in the attributes

  1. Right click on the value and choose variable as you have created in the starting if not choose create variable and create a new one

4.As you remember this is the variable i have created so choosing this

  1. After Selecting it will become like his and works dynamically


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Hi @Sudharsan_Ka,

Thank you so much.

The solution has worked for me.

Kakooza Allan Klaus

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That’s Great

So kindly close the topic by marking it as solution

Happy Automation @Kakooza-Allan-Klaus


Indeed it will be happy automation with such kind of support

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