Click The UiElement is no longer valid and Click generic Error on web page


I tried to click a row in a table using click activity 10 times.

On this page

Two times i get.
The UiElement is no longer valid
Six times i get

Two times the page opens (click works)

If i use sendWindowMessages and SimulateClick does nothing. I get no error but it doesn’t click.
I set a delay before and after the click, tried to change the selectors, increase timeout, change WaitForReady property.

I also read the topics about this subject:

Can anyone help me, please?

did we try with SEND HOTKEY ACTIVITY like key tab that can navigate across fields and use n number of send hotkey activities with key as tab until it reaches the field we want and then use finally a send hotkey activity with key as enter

if that is a new window within any application is that click activity is placed within any ATTACH WINDOW activity
or is WAITFORREADY property set with value as complete

Cheers @Victor_Stanescu

Unfortunately, I can’t navigate navigate to that row using tab or direction keys.

I tried the following:

  • click activity inside attach window
  • click activity inside browser window
  • WaitForReady set to None, Interactive, Complete

Thank you @Palaniyappan!

Did you ever resolve this issue? I started having the same exact issue. Curious what you did to resolve the issue if you have.


I’m not using UiPath anymore, but I remember that I got the element, used get position to get the bounding box for that element, calculate the center and click using the coordinates.
Hope this helps…