Click generic error



Hi Uipath,

Using the double click activity normally works, but i also keep getting this “click generic error” error come up, and I’ve changed the selector and created the activity again just in case. The double click is opening a folder in a Save As window on excel

any help would be great!

thank you



I encounter the same issue with the normal clic activity which gives me the error : "Click generic error"
Could you please help ?



hope your using recent version of UiPath.
can you give us scenario when you get that error.
May be you can attach workflow or selector.


I think this was due to a selector with not enough information.
But the message is really not clear…
I get a work-arround


I encounter a similar issue while clicking UI element. This is random and does not come all the time.
Any solution anyone found?


click activity has 2 properties, you can try adding one or the other and see if it can fix your issue.



This automation is in production since 3 months and we encountered “click - generic error” today. Does using “send windows messages” or “simulateClick” resolve this issue.



Same problem here. I’ve been testing the flow last friday and I didn’t get the issue.
I try again today (without any changes) and I get the same message.

Is there already a solution?


What studio version are you using exactly and what are you clicking?


Hi Any solution for this issue I am also getting it randomly at any part of code, I have tried with both Simulate and Send windows message option.


Hi Everyone , I had the same issue on a click of UIElement after finding an element . After verifying selectors i had found no change on the selector . and finally i have applied some delay before the click of an element .
Please try this approach .
Also if you are trying to change the selector content before a click , Make sure you do not use any generic variable int he selector