Click generic error button



I’m doing the process of automation in a web page, using a database in excel with 5000 data … the program has made more than 200 and then this error comes out … if someone can help me with this.Captura1


Hi Team,

I am also getting the same error? Any chance if anyone is able to assist please?


@Henry , would you please be able to chip in your expertise?


Any solutions for this? Why does this error pop up sometimes and works perfectly fine few other times


@yashaswiniGowda In which actvity you are getting this error


Hey, I am getting the same issue, please help !


Hi All, Even I am getting the same error, The Click activity works perfectly fine sometime and getting this error for sometime, please help !


I tried both the option “SendWindowsMessages” & “SimulateClick”


I’m facing the same issue. Anyone got the workaround for this?