Click generic error button

I’m doing the process of automation in a web page, using a database in excel with 5000 data … the program has made more than 200 and then this error comes out … if someone can help me with this.Captura1

Hi Team,

I am also getting the same error? Any chance if anyone is able to assist please?

@Henry , would you please be able to chip in your expertise?

Any solutions for this? Why does this error pop up sometimes and works perfectly fine few other times

@yashaswiniGowda In which actvity you are getting this error

Hey, I am getting the same issue, please help !

Hi All, Even I am getting the same error, The Click activity works perfectly fine sometime and getting this error for sometime, please help !


I tried both the option “SendWindowsMessages” & “SimulateClick”

I’m facing the same issue. Anyone got the workaround for this?

Did Anyone managed to do this? I have tried Simulate click Option and delay before the click activity but still i am getting the same error. The selectors are fine and checked correctly.
@badita could you please help on this.

Please try closing the browser, UiPath and try again. if still facing the issue do restart.

I’ve tried to restart Uipath, I’ve tried both click types, and I’ve also tried putting a delay, but because of the VM I’m running the automation on, the time is variable, and that’s not going to be a reliable way to do it. Does anyone know how to fix this yet?

To resolve this issue I suggest to take the UIElement of the Activity and make sure you take the image or screenshot of the activity properly.

image -earlier

I retook the element properly and it is working.

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