Click Text in a scrollable list


I’m having difficulty finding and clicking on a text element in a table where I need to scroll several lines before it appears in the view.

I’m using the ClickText activity with a selector targeting the table. The text I want to click on is sent in via a variable. I’m also using the SendWindowMessages option. What options do I have?


Hi ,
As you mentioned you need to scroll down to find the text . So make sure that text is visible when you execute click text .And you can set the position of click by setting offset X/Y in the property.

PS: if similar text exist more than one time on the screen then make use occurrence property of click text to find specific text .

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Which activity is appropriate for scrolling? I had tried using send keys -> scroll while targeting the table element but not seeing the results I’d expect. Is there a better activity to achieve this?

Did ever happen to find a solution to this?

Literaly man i have no idea how to use that scroll option in “SendHotKey” Activity.
I always wonder there are many keys missing in “sendHotKey” activity but this one never able to use hahah :stuck_out_tongue:
Could you guys shed some light on this.:flashlight:

Will you share the screen shot ? if possible?

The “scroll” option in SendHotkey activity simulates pressing the “Scroll lock” button on the keyboard. Enable or disable this option is best seen within an Excel sheet: when enabled, if you press any of the arrow keys it will result in the screen moving in that direction, but the selected cell will not change. It has nothing to do with the actual scrolling.
In my opinion, the best way to scroll whitin a list or page is with SendHotkey -> arrow up/down OR pg up/down.

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Gotcha … thanx @ovi :hugs:

Hello All , I want to search element in drop down list by text and click on that particular Item,
Any helpful suggestion,

Hi ,
How about Select items activity.
If you want to get all the item within drop down and then do comparisons and click on certain relative item then you could make use of "Find children " activity followed by "get attribute "activity .