Click text in Scroll List in SAP

Hello Everyone,

I am working on SAP Automation, I have a long scroll-able list from which I need to click on a Text…
That text may appear at any position in a list So I need to find it then perform the click oparation.

My Approach !!!

I am using text exist activity to check weather that text is exist or not…
If exist then click on it
else send hotkey --pagedown
Repeat until text doesnot find

But here problem in Text exist property…Cause when I press page down after that I again need to search the text…
It is not working properly !!!

Thanks if you have any other solution please let me know!!

Are you using a loop or a retry scope activity to re-attempt the Text Exists activity after your send the PageDown hotkey?

Yes, but that is not working !!!

Please tell us what happens when you run your process.

Do you receive any errors in the Output pane when you run your process?

Does the process complete the loop/activity as if it found the text?

Hello @Abhishek_Vaidya1

Did you find a solution for the same?
I have a similar requirement