Find Text and Auto Click in Scroll View

Hi all, how do I automate clicking on the “Select” button when the text in the “FEPO” column of a scroll view is declared? For example, when FEPO is equal to “3KC34642S90”, the mouse should automatically click on “Select”.


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Please use ui explorer and identify one cell of the table…then generally for tables eachrow will have a row number and each column will have acolumn number…we can use them and find the required row…

First use a element exists /check app state activity to check if the required number or value exists in the column we can use below selector with using a variable inplace of innertext value…which will be a dynamic value that would be apssed for the value to be searched

<webctrl tag=‘TD’ innertext=‘{{variablewithname}}’ tablecol=‘2’ />

The above selector is for illustrating …original might be slightly different

If the elemnet in found then use a get attribute with same selector again to get the row number using tablerow property or any other similar property…

Now use a click activity with changing the tablecol value to 1 and pass the tablerow value retrieved from get attribute activity

<webctrl tag=‘TD’ tablerow=‘{{valuefromgetat}}’ tablecol=‘1’ />

Hope this helps


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Hi @chutminh0910 ,

Alternatively, also Check if Data Scraping/Table extraction is possible to be used.

If it is possible to be used and all the data is being extracted, then we might be able to minimise the number of iterations needed to find the FEPO column value.

Let us know your findings after performing the checks.

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Thank for your reply, but I still not understand, Can you share me some Example? What is activity we will use?


Can you share the sit or application…without that the xaml would be a dummy one and very generic as explained…

Activities you need to use are
Checkk app state/element exists
Get attribute


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