Click Image not working in VM

I am using a VM to run an unattended bot. When run as an attended bot it works, and is able to find the image to cick (a drop down menu), yet when it is running on the VM it can’t find the specified image. After a few fails, I watchedthe logs when it got the this part of the process and logged into the VM myself, and it was then able to find the image and moved on. I disconnected, and the next transaction then stopped at the same point, unable to find the image. Is there any reason it can find it if I’m logged in, and not otherwise, or was this coincidence?

As this is in a retry loop, it’s currently 8/8 fails when not logged into VM, and 1/1 success when I logged in.


Did you try setting screen resolution?



Hi Alex, please check the display settings in VM , display settings of the application and System resolution should be same in both of the environments.

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Thanks, it was the case of making sure the resolution set for the bot in orchestrator was the same as the VM was set up for! So simple when you know how :stuck_out_tongue:

Image activity wont work properly in the different environments due to display settings or System resolution , as images size differs

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