Click image fail


I’m developing on customer management that dosn’t work with selector, so I must use some click image active. I have this scenario: after login you must navigate to the desired function by scrolling to the end, then going up a few steps and then clicking on the image.

The problem is that when I developed the bot my pc had a resolution of 1920 x 1080, while my client uses 1440x900 and instead of pointing the image click on the red circle.

I tried to use a launch workwlow interactive but without success, and when I try to grab the image again this appears to me.

Does anyone have idea how I can solve it?

Hi Siltra,

What Studio version are you using?

You can set the resolution in UiPath.settings file or in Orchestrator.

Details here:

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Hi ovi,

I’m using the Studio 2017.1.6522 Enterprie edition.

I have already seen this document, but I haven’t the Uipath.Setting.

That is weird that it would click in the white space. Check your Accuracy property too. You can also change your resolution on your development machine to match your client’s if it’s a problem, then reselect the image. Although that’s not ideal either. You could get all fancy and have it use a different image depending on the resolution on the machine.

Even then, machine to machine the pixelation can be shifted which causes image recognition to be off. Changing the Accuracy sometimes fixes it though.

I’m changing the resolution on my computer just to adapt it to that of the client, even if in reality this passage did not give problems with customer pc, but only in mine. Even trying to reselect the image does not work because it makes the screen smaller like in the figure.
I would need to find a single solution because the VM is used by different users who access from various desktops.
The image accuracy is set to 0.7

Did you ever find a solution to this, as I’m currently facing a similar issue, and all similar threads are currently unresolved.

@Siltra I faced similar kind of issue- By default Image accuracy is set to 0.8- I changed it to 0.6 and now its working fine while running from orchestrator.