Click Image activity works without displaying the screen?

Hello to the whole community !!

I have a question for you; Does the Click Image activity work even if the desktop is not visible and / or when the screen is remotely located?

I have a remote dektop and I want to click on a certain element through the Click Image activity … and program this action on a virtual remote desktop. Will this activity work even if the desktop is not visible?

Yes of course, but to do that you have to mark “SimulateClick” property:


NOTE: If “SimulateClick” doesnt work, try with “SendWindowMessages” because it can work even “SimulateClick” dont.

hi thanks for your reply !!

I tried to do as you suggested previously but unfortunately the error of “Image not found” continues to insist.


Please can you help me with my problem?

ClickImage does not show property SimulateClick. I guess one must just use SendWindowMessages, right ?

Oh wow sorry @momi_fede I though you were asking about click activity… click image activity must have the window opened…

you would have some suggestions to give me about it?

I would say to you that you need to have the element that you try to click visible.

When you perform something using image recognition, the element that you are looking for must be on the screen, or the image recognition wont work right.

Try to dont lose the attach of the window that holds the element that you want to click

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Can I use click image for unattended robots? If not, can you suggest any activity that I can use? Thanks :slight_smile:. Hope you reply.

Click image activity will work unattended assuming the virtual image is visible.
Meaning if the virtual machine was open the image you intend to click is visible.

Also I would strongly suggest you either

  • Provide a selector for the window within which you would like to click
  • Include the Click Image activity within an Attach Window activity

@James_DeSeno , thank you for the reply. As quoted, does it mean I should keep my VM open whenever I am using image activities? Thanks.