Click Image activity not working in unattended mode

An application is running on adobe flash where an image need to be searched and to be clicked using the click image activity, but while running the bot in unattended mode the click image functionality is getting failed, but while running the bot in attended mode its working fine. Screen resolution and other setting are checked and no issue found. To investigate further screenshot activity is also used but again no luck in that. Any workaround to get this done.

did we used Element Exist activity and then Click image Activity??

Hi Pradeep, we have used element exist activity as well but no luck.

when the bot is running are you able to see that image?

in attended we can see the image and it work totally fine, but in scheduled/unattended it crashes out at image clicking activity

when we run the bot!
is it opening that particular application and is that image is visible for you??
if not?
the bot is not able to identify the image and if your able to see the image the use Element exist activity and use if condition to click the image!
cheers @ajiteshishere

Image is visible for us but clicking is not working max time


Check this, may be it will help you.


You can set send windows message property to true in click image which will works in background

this could be a resolution issue -
try to perform take a screenshot activity with unattended robot and attended robots and verify the image dimensions. If there is a difference between unattended and attended, please correct the resolution for unattended screen resolution.
let me know if still not solve!

Thanks Harshit, let me check this thread

Thanks GBK, we have tried this but unfortunately it didn’t worked in our case.

Both having same resolution? even screenshot picture dimensions?

@ajiteshishere Could you please run it in debug mode and capture the error?

Yes GBK, both have same dimensions