Click a Button using click image Activity?

is it possible to click a button using click image activity if its not visible to human eye?

Thanks in Advance

Hi @krishnareddy
If the image is not present on the screen, most likely you will get an error message: Image not found…


You can read more in the link:

" Click Image , Double Click Image and Hover Image are activities used to identify UI elements based on their image. After an image is specified, the activity scans the screen for a given element and either clicks or hovers it. These activities are fast and reliable, but sensitive to graphical variations, as they can fail if colors or background details change. These activities are useful in automating processes that imply simulating human behaviour, using UI elements such as buttons or check boxes. These activities are also important when automating processes in virtual machine environments, such as Citrix, as they make interaction with UI elements possible. As input, these activities receive an image variable which contains the image to be clicked, and a Target, which can be either a string variable, a Region variable, a UIElement variable or a selector, which indicate the coordinates where the action must be performed. The target can also be automatically generated by using the Indicate on Screen functionality, which tries to identify UI elements in the indicated region, and generates selectors for them. If this does not work for you, then manual intervention might be required."
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