Click cell excel

I want use uipath click to cell excel but I still don’t know how .


here is the yellow box. This box can be changed if desired.

Thanks all

@sang_hoang u can use click activity to select that cell


  1. Use LookUp Range to get the Cell Address
  2. After getting Cell Address and take select range activity there u can pass the cell address(B15 or A25)
  3. After select range use send hot key to click

hi @vamsiyeluri
you try it .help meLoad production.xlsx (314.3 KB)

Hi everybody, i have to click over 50000 cells on excel file…
Anyone have a better solution instead to click single cell at once and repeat it in a cycle?

Hello @Simone_Trenta

Can you create a new topic and share your proper requirement with the use case? That will help to provide a proper solution.


Already done:
Click massive Excel cells - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum