Click cell in excel file

hello everybody,

please i need your help, i have to right click a cell in excel file and after choose Select filter value ?


Hi, You can use Select Range activity to select a cell then you can send hotkeys to select the filter option.

  1. Shift+f10 to open the right click menu.
  2. Send hotkey “ee” to reach the filter option.
    Find attached workflow Main.xaml (7.4 KB)
    for your reference working fine for me.

oh thank you but i have some problems there , when i used hotkey f10 , the right click appear from another cell

really i dont know how ?

ok, before using f10 hot key, use hot key for ctrl+G then give required cell reference number ,do right click short cut

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doesn’t work !

thank u to give me another solution plz !

Hi ifranity,
could you please follow the below steps these may help you.
Excel app scope
Activate the Excel page
send hot key for Ctrl +G and small pop up will come , activate the same
type into-reference cell+special key Enter
And send hot key for right key

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Good thank you for ur help


Hi everybody, i have to click over 50000 cells on excel file…
Anyone have a better solution instead to click single cell at once and repeat it in a cycle?