Selecting a cell from a particular sheet

Hi All,

I have used excel application scope to open an excel workbook.
I need Uipath to help me click on cell A1 from a sheet named ‘Trade’.
Is there any activity that can help me do that?
I do not want to read the cell. Just need to click it.


why do you need to click it? i need some more context to help you

Hi @victorialim ,
You can try these steps,
Excel app scope
Activate the Excel page
send hot key for Ctrl +G and small pop up will come , activate the same
type into-reference cell+special key Enter
And send hot key for right key

hopefully help for you

I need to select cell A1 from a sheet named ‘Trade’ before clicking another button to run a process.

Can I confirm which activity should I use for activating the sheet instead of using VBA?
I need to select cell A1 from a sheet named ‘Trade’. Thanks

Hi @victorialim


You can use “select sheet” activity and write the properties panel which call input section “Trade” so you can activate the excel sheet.


Hi, I can’t seem to find this activity. Is there a package I should download?

Hi, any luck on this one?

You could not clicked into any cells on the excel sheet with uipath activities.

I think VBA can do that

Hello @victorialim

Is it mandatory to go with UI automation instead of using the excel package in UiPath?

Can you explain the usecase that you are working on?