How can I click on one bottom line in excel?

I want it to click in the Excel column one by one and move to the bottom column. How can I do this?
For example, he will click on cell A1 and then “enter” from A2 to A100 and every cell he clicks.

Hi @burak

Instead doing that you can Write range activity, Set the Range as → A2


Obviously, I want to double click the cells. One by one, the cells will be double-clicked and they will go down. If I can do that, I’ll do the other part.

Use Excel application scope → In the properties check the Visible check box.


Use Activate activity


Use click activity Click on the A2 cell

And do you automation for all the cell based on the requirement

yes, it will go down by double-clicking in column A in sequence.

What was the problem your are facing ? @burak

I don’t know how to write a process.

You can follow the above steps @burak

If you need to use Double click

Let me tell you step by step.

Clicking cell A2 - pressing enter - clicking cell A3 - pressing enter - clicking cell A4 - pressing enter - clicking cell A5 - pressing enter - clicking cell A6. This process is not stable. Cell numbers change.

HI @burak

Do you know the last cell value in the runtime?

Like In between the process the bot will get the get a number assigned to a variable

CellCount = 10

then you need to click on the cell A2 upto A10

Do you have any specific reason to click on each and every cell ? what is next process you are going to do?


The last cell value is not clear in every excel.
I have to hit enter after every double click. The process is just that. I want him to do these steps in the column as many cells as there are.

Hi @burak ,

Could you provide us with a Screenshot of the Input Excel and also provide the Screenshot after the Operation is performed on the Excel data ? This way we can understand and confirm what logic we would need to apply and if really an UI Operation is required.

Hi @burak ,

Can you please explain more about the use case ?


Why would you want to do this? Clicking around in Excel isn’t how you work with Excel files. There are activities specific to Excel (Read Range, Write Range, Read Cell, etc).

Have you done the free training on the UiPath Academy web site? You should, it covers things like Excel automation.