SAP selector issue

Hi ,

I have developed and deployed the BOT in production. But now in user system it is not running properly. I have checked the logs its because of the selectors. So i have ask the user to installed studio to debug the code from local system. Now i found that the ui elements are highlighting fine in user’s system also. but while running the code from studio it is not able click or type on the ui element. my target application is Web SAP. Sometimes it is working by unchecking simulate click property.

Thanks in advance.

reading your post let suggest following:

  • reinspect the selectors
  • analyse the failling parts on timing/synchronizing Bot-Application issues.

for first task also have a look on the indicate item activity. With help of this you can write analysis jobs e.g for production systems on which no uipath studio can be installed.

for second task review the code / flow and check in a first round if the issues often occurs e.g the application is on refresh, leading parts of the application …

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In log i am getting no error. As the ui element is getting identified but it could click or type on the element.

clicks without reaction can come from unsychronized bot-app. Does mean the Bot is faster executed as the application can react. Such analysis rounds we approach with:

  • if possible debug or stop with message boxes on certain points and verify with breakpoints that the bot is technically in the position to do the tasks
  • identify the critical points in the flow
  • only for analysis: set before/after delays for analysing if the broken flow is working again / without issues
  • analyse on the critical point what can be done for sync (e.g. retypes, reclicks, retry scope…)

Just have patience, as sometimes this analysis round is really stressy and confusing. But the joy is high once it is fixed