Click activity doesn't stay in simulate mode in interation

I want to end the last practice of the Uipath Enterprise Deep Dive practice where is a section in which csv files have to be downloaded. Therefore a button has to be clicked to intialise the download. So far so good, everything works.

Then in the windows download window the save button has to be clicked to download the file finally. And here is my problem:
I’ve set the downlaod window as container with simulate as input mode and placed the click activity also with simulate as input mode into this container.
In the very first iteration, the simulate click does work but when it comes to so second the click activity seems to change to hardware events automatically, which I absolutely dont understand.
In Debug mode the InteractionMode stays on “Simulate” but the mouse moves to the save button and clicks it…

Has anyone an advice for how to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

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What makes you think it changes to Hardware Events?

Thanks for your reply.
The reason for thinking so, is that only in the first iteration, the mouse does not move to the button that shall be clicked. It then changes and moves the mouse to the button every time.

Meanwhile I have found a solution for that on my own.

In order to ensure the mouse acts like configured with simulate type in every iteration, the click activity has to be isolated into another workflow which has then to be invoked from the main file again.

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