Click activity finding correct place to click but is not clicking

Hi everybody,

I am using UiPath to download a file from the internet and select “Save as” to save it to a specific file. I am attaching an image of what my screen looks like.

I am using a series of 2 click activities inside an Attach Window activity to perform these functions.
Click 1 to click the little down arrow near save.
Click 2 to click Save as.

The strange this is, my mouse successfully navigates to the little arrow icon…it just won’t click. If I manually click it, everything works fine but it won’t automatically click.

Does anyone know how i can get it to click?

hi @hall1570

First click on the Download Bar and then click on the arrow mark of save then perform save as

Ashwin S

Great intuition, thanks!

Usually the activities performed on such pop ups are subject to these issues. Instead you can try to change the browser setting (one time activity) to directly save the downloaded file in a specific location. For eg, below screenshot shows the setting in Chrome browser to make the change.

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