Modern Click activity Timeout not working

i’ve got quite an odd situation. So I’m trying to click on an element and that makes a pop-up appear in the browser and then I’m clicking out of the pop-up. The problem is the first click activity hangs when the pop-up appears, but it doesn’t matter as I can still click on the pop-up so I want to end the first click activity immediately so it can go into the second click activity but no matter what I change in the “Timeout” in the properties, it’s hanging for 15 seconds before continuing. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong or any alternative solutions to end the first click?



It might be Simulate click matter.
To isolate the cause, can you try to change input mode from simulate to Hardware or sendWindowMessages?

If the above solve this matter, can you try to set parallel activity then put click activities (with simulate click) at each lane.
( It might be need to exchange activities in left side and right side, if it won’t work)



sendWindowMessage works as I intended, thanks!

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