Click Activities does not work as expected

Hi guys I kinda new to this this is my 2nd day , heres my problem pls help me, I tried to use click activity on this dropdown
its is not support by select activity I tried that , so I try click on it first and then select the value I want
but after run it only click on dropdown list
once and stuck at this part ,no click on the element I want, nothing or it will just skip it
someone please help me , ty really much !!

heres my code sr new user can’t upload many images at once

it will stuck here or simply skip it…

Don’t use Click for a pulldown. Use Select Item.

hi sir, can you please explain in details thank you

Like I mention above its not supported this type

its not select -option


Does the dropdown accepts typing?

You can try using a Type Into activity, select the <ul> element as your target and check the ClickBeforeTyping checkbox of the Type Into activity.

no its not I tried so many things but none of it seem to work, I even try turn on off simulate click, thanks for your reply anw

You don’t need that Element Exists or that If.

What do you have as your selector for the Nam item?

Don’t know it helps or not but try once it might be tricky but can you click on any one and get selector and make it dynamic by using find children

pls help!!!

Hey @CrazyTrunk

Refer this :smiling_face:

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ty for your reply will check it later

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