Click Activity in a dropdown menu

Hello everybody,
I need to select an element in a dropdown list, but using a click activity I can’t do it.
Anybody can help me how select an element in a dropdown menu ?


First use click activity to click on the drop down and then Select Item to pass the value which you want to select :slight_smile:

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Hello @HareeshMR

That exactly I did, but I don´t get the element selected.

Try using “select item” activity.

mention the drop down in the indicate section. Select the option u want to select in the drop down menu!

usually select item alone can work in some conditions, but most of the cases, it needs both click and select item. So, i gave that solution. try Select Item alone and check @silvina


yes if it does not wok try using 2 click activities use first click to get the menu to drop down and second one to select the option(check the second click at both simulation on and off property).

Thanks @HareeshMR, it works !

Thanks @AryanSingh
it worked !

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