Select item activity not working

please any other way to select this values

dear friends kindly help


Use two click activities. One is to click drop down and another one is to select item from the list. For this you have to make selector dynamic by passing variable into selector under aaname attribute.

two click activity not found sir

Hey @Amila_Darshana

What do you mean by click activity not found? Is that activity not available in your activity list?

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hi @Amila_Darshana

is package installed?

ashwin S

click activity unable to use for select specific value know
please advise

It should be possible to use the click activity… only thing is your selector should be dynamic.

Use two click activities… one two expand the dropdown… the other click activity to click on the item you need…

How to get the selector is… expand the list and get the selector for one item. In the selector the aaname tag is the part that holds the value. Make that part dynamic by introducing a variable in the selector


Hi Lakshman, I have been able to use two click activities to select an item from the dropdown. Want to know more about the ‘select item’ activity, when I get this error message popup,

  1. Is this message means we cannot use ‘select item’ activity on this drop down?
  2. If above is not correct, i am not may be knowing how to use this activity correctly
    Below is the selector i got on the ‘select item’ activity i pointed on the drop down
    Mostly the tag i am getting is SPAN not the SELECT ( i saw in some sample work flow they got a SELECT tag in a drop down)

Sorry abt too big question


Open that selector in UiExplorer and check in Navigation tree. And there you may find SELECT tag for this element.

Hi Lakshman, Thanks i could find the SELECT tag in the ui explorer, THen i tried this website , where the home page has a drop down, 'Select item" on this drop down does not get the SELECT tag, can you check once see.