Click a image inside a Pop / Popover Not working in chrome

I am trying to work on the chrome saved password to auto-login into our most frequently used website. We have saved login email & password into browser.

Now what Actually I want :- just to select user & password using uipath.

For example… when we visit on amazon login page ? Its shown like below

And when you click inside password input field (Indicated in below picture in yellow color )
a new popover will be shown below (indicated in green color )


I want to click on (inside green circle)

Simply I want to know how to click inside a image in chrome pophover. I tried click image activity but its not working.

Hi, Are you sure it is an image?

No… its not an image. But I am sure that click image work on all elements. Its not compulsory that element should be only image. Its work based on its visual. I think

Try Click Text instead of click image.

Alternatively you can try with hot keys (Tab + Tab + Enter) .

Karthik Byggari

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