Troubles with pop-up interaction

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum so please forgive me if something is wrong with my message, just tell me and I’ll improve it =)

So my trouble concern web interaction (chrome browser) : I have to interact with a website (internal to company, can’t link it, sorry) on which I fill a form in order to send a request to database (no problems so far).
The request then creates a pop-up, in which I can extract the result of my request and save it on my computer, and I just can’t have it working…

Through recording, I had a draft of my robot, which used browser activity “attach browser” and various click activities. Problem is, the click activities don’t work : when i run, i get error message “selector was not found” (and I tried some UiExplorer magic to change selector, but it didn’t help)
So, I changed the click activities for “click image” activities, which work better (for some of them at least)… Indeed, for reasons unknown, those activities tend to click on the first browser page, not the pop-up (though I see no similarities between the two pages, I don’t know how UiPath finds its images so I can’t point exactly what is wrong here).

To work this around, i tried to use the “close tab” activity to close the first window, leaving me only the pop-up (this latter doesn’t need the page to work, I still can extract data eventhough the pop-up is alone). But this ruins the whole process : not a single click activity works after I close the page, I get the error message “activity made the UiElement invalid”, eventhough the images to click where selected when only the pop-up was there (all other pages closed).

I thought maybe the robot was too quick, and managed to select elements on the page before the “close activity” ended, so I added a “Wait image vanish” activity to be sure, but this does not help either…

I know this is a long topic, but I’ve been struggling for days to no avail so far, so please if any of you have any ideas/remarks tell me !

Hi @Heratom,

The below article might help you in getting started with Selectors :


Interesting, what exactly does the “attach to live element” functionality do ?


Once you click on this, you will need to point at the selector which you have picked previously however it is getting changed dynamically.

After that it will built a dynamic selector itself, by picking up common attributes between the old and new selector and replacing the dynamic part with a wildcard.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you for your answer !

And regarding the “invalid UiElement” problem, any idea why closing a tab makes the UiElement invalid ? Why is it even possible, I mean does the pop-up depend on the first page ?

Update : attach to live element didn’t help either :confused:

it is possible for you to cross check the pop windows selectors every time you are getting and can you share here as well?

if you will be able to identify the pop up window with selectors then you can use attache window to use click activities and all.

Not sure what you mean : I guess you want me to select every possible identifier in the selector editor, for my web selector, but this is barely possible : for any identifier I choose, I get an error message “selection made the selector invalid”, so I cannot confirm the selection…

And I do use an attach window activity before the click activities, as said in the original post

I was just asking you to just cross check any two selectors so you will be able to see the pattern its(selector) follow or past it here if possible.


Sorry but this means nothing to me, “it is follows” is not english… I don’t get what you want me to do :x

Hi Heratom.

I had the same problem as You, but thankfully there was a “close window” button add to my pop up window and was able to activate it with “send hotkey” activity. If you have that on yours it could works.
As for the click image activity, try to find an image unique to your pop up window and click relatively to it, I used the “image exist” activity to check if the pop up was truly open, and it worked.

Good luck

I’ve used, element exist activity and set a variable. Then used a if activity to close the window

This happens because the title is same for main webpage and the popup window. It works in internet explorer when we use attach window to attach the popup and attach browser for the main webpage. This solution doesn’t work for chrome :frowning: