Unable to handle "authentication " for chrome pop up , kindly suggest

Hi Al , i am unable to handle chrome pop up which asks for the authentication .Please help.

Attaching screenshot

@nupa What’s the issue you are facing?

Have you added the Uipath extension to Chrome.

You can handle it in automation itself. Use Element Exists activity and if that dialog exists type the username and password or else go with the normal flow. Hope this helps.

where do i need to type the username and password . Can i hardcode it in the selector itself so that everytime this authentication comes the username password is filled automatically ?Because this authentication comes multiple times while using the application
If yes how can i do that

  1. Use Element exists activity and select the dialog box. The output would be Boolean
  2. Use If Activity and pass that Boolean value.
  3. If it is true then use Type Into activity to type the username and password.
  4. Else, leave it blank. the normal flow will continue.


Actually you have to deal with the JavaScript pop-up
and its not identified currently with UiExplorer.

You will have to use anchor and then type into activities.
Here is a sample of anchor for popup please tweak for your case. clickJsPopUp.xaml (5.2 KB)

what is anchor and how do i use this . can you please give me the workflow according to what i am working upon . This would be really helpful. I am new to UI path and not much sure about the usage

I gave you a workflow see above. :slight_smile:

Hi Nadim ,

Attaching the workflow created by me .It is also not working .
Can you please check.

I am doing it for 2 elements , username and password on the screen , however it does not work .Getting activity timeout exceeded error.

Do you have any restrictions to open application in IE?

nothing like that . But it works properly in chrome.

It works in chrome because your selector is for chrome.
You will have to change that in case you want to use in IE :slight_smile:

Hi Nadim, thanks for sharing the example. But the workflow file doesn´t contain the anchor mapping chrome authentication popup fields. I can´t map them with UiExplorer or even using Chrome DevelopeTools. Any suggestion? What i´m trying to do is gather information from user if needed and Type it into the elements but since i have no reference about the elements i can´t make it to work. thanks in advance.

Hello @Bern,

I think that your best shot, if it is an absolute must you are able to automate the pop up, is through the ‘Inject Js Script’. With this you can write into Javascript elements in a browser.
To find the name of the elements you should open the ‘Developer Tools’ (Ctrl + Shift + I) from the browser.

Kind regards,

Thanks a lot @juan.lengyel for the reply and suggestion! I will take a look at it and return when accomplish the mission!