Click an element in chrome browser

I need to clickinside the browser which activity i should use?

Hi @venkateshcheeni09 you can use a simple Click Activity and Indicate the button you want to click . After that check to make dynamic selectors

It’s the button on the screenshot

Actually click is not working for me. apart from click activy which activity i can use.

Is there a problem with the selectors or with the extention?

You can also use Click Image if the place where you want to click is noticable

I think with the selector

Can you share a screenshot of the selectors on Ui Explorer?

just give me few minutes. I will share screenshot

shall we connet for in zoom or any other application

Hello @venkateshcheeni09

Please share the screenshot of the application and the selector which you are using for the click activity. You can use UiExplorer to inspect on the element.


I am sharing the screenshot here.

Bot need to click on login.

Inspected on the Click to Log on button? Can you check in the right pannel and try to identify any attribute which gives you the name of the button?


I am sharing here.

Bot needs to click login.

Hi @venkateshcheeni09 can you try with

Click Text activity…here just provide the text that you want to click.

I have done the same but i facing this issue.

@venkateshcheeni09 are you getting this extension issue for click text activity only or for other activities also?

I am getting this error for only click activities.

Have you tried with click image activity?