Citrix Automation "Click Image" not working properly

I am trying to automate a citrix application. Using ‘Click Image’ Activity i am capturing a image and executing it…i am re-checking it at-least 6-7 times a day. But, the next day, the activity is failing for the same image…throwing “selector not found exception”.

What could have possiblt gone wrong?

Can anyone please help on this

can you try and adjust Image.Accuracy settings, don’t know but it helps somehow.


First, for click image you don’t need a selector, so remove the selector first.

You are using click image activity but as in your scenario its not working every time,so i will suggest you to use, in recording feature of Image, we have a click image, so use this because it takes a reference point and based on that reference it clicks the image and it gives the offset information also.


Thanks…its working…But, I couldn’t understand why a Selector has been captured when I use Click Image that too for a citrix application.

Do we need to manually delete the selector everytime after using ‘Click Image’ activity?

When you use the activity by itself, it doesn’t capture a selector in my case. I’m not sure if this is also true when using the recorder.

Thats the problem here…Click image" activity has captured the selector by itself…after the above suggestion, i removed the selector…then its working

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So basically when you use click image, it takes the selector because the UI path has to click the image somewhere either in desktop or in web , to decide where to click that’s why it takes the selector.

If you remove the selector the web or desktop application should be foreground then the clikc image activity works.