Click image- Cannot find UI element corresponding to this selector

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I am building the automation around citrix environment, in which bot opens the particular link, download the file and mail the file. This involves steps of activities like click image and sending hotkeys.
So when I select the images and run the bot runs fine and execute the program. However when I open the bot after some time it throws an error ‘Cannot find UI element corresponding to this selector’. the interesting thing about this is when I again select the image, it runs fine. So when you close the program and open it again it throws an error around every click image activity.
Any help around this?

You are doing click image right?

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Ok so that means the seletor or the name imagem as been renew. Use uiexprorer to see the diferences becouse the website ia using dynamic selector.

seems like a citrix environment
–if that is a solid image, CLICK IMAGE will work for sure, but add a delay before to that activity with timespan of value like this 00:00:10 that is 10 seconds
–this will ensure that the image gets loaded completely
–or to the best side we can use IMAGE EXISTS activity by selecting that image as a element and get the output with a variable of type boolean named bool_exists
–followed by this use a IF condition and mention the condition like this
bool_exists = True
if true it will go to THEN part where we can keep our CLICK IMAGE activity which will work for sure
–ensure that these activities either with or without image exists activity and its validation, is used within a ATTACH WINDOW activity if that image appears inside a new window

–or to be evn better we can use COMPUTER VISION activities

hope this would help you
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Rita_Balmukund_Jaisw


Thanks @Palaniyappan for response.

I am building the steps using citrix recorder so it automatically use ATTACH WINDOW activity. Currently I have added necessary delays before each click image activities, in order to get image load, so the number of errors has now been reduced. But still sometimes it is getting stuck. I have also tried to change scope of the image while indicating on screen so it can locate some anchor while finding the image. For time being these techniques are working fine.
Thanks for your suggestions.

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Cheers @Rita_Balmukund_Jaisw

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