Click Image issue

Hi guys,

I’m having a problem with Click Image Activity doing some Citrix automation. Sometimes it happens, that though the image was found and the mouse cursor pointed at it, it’s not clicked (or maybe it is, but it’s not recognized). I’m wondering if there’s any way to assure that the image is being actually clicked every time ? Thanks for your support !

You can try monitor events activity as shown below. Hope it helps.

Could you please try

  • take a screenshot of an image that contains unique details (lines, colors)
  • decrease accuracy parameter to 0.8
  • add a small delay or delay before (1000 ms) - maybe the click is happening but it is too fast - the control has just loaded and does not accept inputs/clicks.

Hi @razor34

as @badita said they all are valid points, please try once them and @badita

it is by default 0.8 and still sometimes it is not able to click even after recapture i have tried to decrease the accuracy to 0.77 and it works for me in such cases but not too much reliable when windows states will change so please make sure to maximize every window you are dealing with in such context so image minor variation or pixel variation wll not affect this activity.

it is also a good a way to control i have tried with 500 ms but what i really wants to notice their is a something with image activities. will also share the incident with you soon.



Thanks for the tips guys. About the delay before options - does the value of 1000 means that the mouse cursor will point at the image and the after the delay of 1000ms it will perform the click ? In that case I think that might help, but I suppose the delay means that after the previous activity, there will be 1000ms delay and then the program will search for the image, then mouse cursor will be pointed at the image and perform the click immidiately. I think I’ll try to use Hover image activity before every click activity on citrix. I hope that way my automation will be more reliable. What do you think ?

Correct, decrease or increase actually.

Hover could be an option, but please test that these elements don’t have OnMouseEnter or similar actions - it could change the image underneath and the click image will not find what it’s looking for.


I have same problem, the cursor moves to the image but not clicking, adjusting delay before is not working. And if I run uipath on a low PC (2.7GHz 4gb Ram) it happends more often. I think it clicked on the image but very fast, meanwhile the application still not respond yet so it ignored the click event.
What is the best solution until now? Hovering the image then perform click is also the good solution but this spends so much time. Please help.