Click on a dynamic image within Citrix (no selector)?

Hey guys, I’m trying to figure out out to get a bot to reliably click on an image; it is an X within a square that closes out the current tab in a database. This is also within Citrix so there is no option to use a selector. The X-out image will be the same height on the page each time but based on other info on the page, can be any where from 1-2 centimeters to the left or right of its current position.

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Hi @cssc

Did you try using Click Image activity?

Yes, it looks like I forgot to place in the original post that I am currently using the click image activity. The problem is lets say the image appears a little too far to the left or right of the original ‘click image image capture’ then it draws an error. I currently have it setup with nested try catches with subsequently different positions for where the image can also be positioned on screen, but again that only covers so many variations.