Click is not working

Hello guys,

I am trying to click UI-Element in an application inside citrix.

It works in loop, the elements which appear in first half of the window it is working fine

if the element appears at the end bot failed to fetch by scrolling down.

window looks like this

i want to click particular element in yellow highlighted part of the window

Can i know which activity your using and are you able to find ui element or ur clicking based on text or image ?

Hello @balu

I am using click activity, i used find element also it gave error saying ui element is out of parent boundary. i am trying to click on text.



Click text works if text is visible on screen, make sure you scroll down before u click


Hello @balu
I checking with condition it says yes for element exist how can i use scroll if it says element exist?

Hi @asha_TN

Make use of Send Hotkey Activity as shown below and indicate the screen where you want it to scroll.


Hope this may help you to solve your issue
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Yes if u use element exist it say true because the element you are looking for is available on screen and active but not may use Hotkeys for scrolling.

Hi @Pratik_Wavhal

i can use send hot key activity when element exist condition goes wrong.
But here in this case it is telling element is there but fail to click on that particular element.

So i used find element before clicking , it is throwing error stating " element is out of parent boundary"