Unreliable click activity

We’ve been working on an automation program for a few months now, and we’re currently in the testing phase. Even though most problems are solved every now and then error “Element_NotFound” appears, when doing a Click activity. Somehow the error seems to be random. We’ve tried using both, Click and CV-Click but for some reason the CV-Click activity fails more than the normal one. In the case of a error we always check the cause of the problem, but the selector parameters are all correct.
Does anyone have any tips how to make the Activity more reliable?
Thank you in advance.

Are you automating a Remote Desktop or Citrix that you are using CV CLick.

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Yes, we are automating a remote desktop, is that relevant?

Well all I can say is that CV uses OCR and AI which are not 100% reliable. Try using hot keys whenever possible. or if you have permission to install Uipath Native citrix automation service inside your remote desktop then you don’t even need to use CV, you will get reliable selectors as if the apps were on your local machine.

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Hi Kilian

If you are automating a remote desktop, mostly you need to use UiPath Remote Runtime make your process reliable. you can refer to below about that.
About UiPath Remote Runtime
One thing I want to mention is that the UiPath Remote Runtime and the UiPath driver dependency for the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package must have the same version.

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Thank you very much, I’ll check it out.