Work with Citrix- Element not found after Citrix not responding

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I am new to Uipath. I am working on a RPA project to use Uipath to automate the work process among several software, one of them are delivered to bot running machine by Citrix receiver.

In order to locate the Citrix Program, we have assigned the program as an element by using selector and use the findImage and find OCR text function to identify the status and position to be clicked or input.

However, when the Citix Program takes a longer time to run , it becomes not responding to robot running machine and the session is terminated and restored afterwards.

After that, the element "Citrix Program: is lost and Uipath throw the errors.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this issue?



Hi @eric_chan,
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For each activity you can set longer time to wait. When program will be starting longer then activity will also have more time to run. Additionally you can also use Delay activity.

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Great… That was really a good question to start with
So, usually in citrix environment we will be facing these sort issues often buddy, like

  1. Sometimes the element may not appear, while we are trying to access it like clicking or typing, with click activity and type into activity. To handle this we can use on image appear activity that would select a image and would wait for some time say a default TimeoutMS of 30 seconds till that image appears and then only the bot will look for that image to be clicked or a field to be entered with some data…even you can increase the default TimeoutMS more than 30 seconds buddy…And always try to avoid delay option unless it is need for utmost, the reason is when we use on image appear in citrix environment, with some timeoums defined, this activity wll wait only until the image appears say we have defined 30 seconds and it appeared in 20 th second itself then it will go to the next activity immediately wont wait till 30 seconds, but if we use delay it will wait till 30 seconds even though the image appears at 20 second it self thus reduces the performance buddy

  2. Then some times this on image appear, click image activities wont work at some point of time. but to make it more reliable what uipath suggests is use SEND HOT KEY activities, with tab keys as input that would navigate the field where we want to make a click or typeinto…Then we can use again send hot key with enter key to press as enter or type into activity to type some wordings…this would work for sure buddy

  3. Then even though we use the above mentioned things some time that would fail if the window is not in foreground…like the application may not be in a maximized screen… so once you open a application with open applilcation or open browser, use a maximize window to maximize the screen that would make sure that the bot can find the elements or images so we can use send hot key and click image activities there

Thats all buddy, hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @eric_chan