Citirx automation help

Hello guys,

I’ve been working on this problem for about 4/5 hours now am having no luck. I am using a Citrix environment and I am trying to achieving a certain output. I will provide some screen shots to show you what I mean to avoid confusion.

I’m using a terminal type program which works entirely off keyboard strokes with no mouse clicks required.

The screen shot below shows the screen I am working with. It is broken down into rows, reference number, company name and error type. The output I’m looking for is related to error type “unknown reference no. on. POC” (line 9 in the screenshot).

I want the out put to be the following:

  1. Press “enter” (Enter takes the terminal to the next page) until “errortypePOC” is found (they will always appear on the same “column” on every page)
  2. IF errortypePOC exists, send hotkey “F11”. ELSE, sent hotkey “enter” until errortypePOC exists. End loop after counter reaches 50.
  3. Take the value that is in the line column (farthest on the left) and input
  4. Press enter.
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 5 until “errortypePOC” isn’t found.
  6. Log out

What I’ve done so far:

  1. I have used a flowchart with ‘Element exists activity’, captured the area where ‘errortype_poc’ exists and have set the output to ‘errortype_poc’ variable with the variable type being Boolean
  2. I’ve connected this to a Flow Decision with the following conditions.
    If ‘errortype_poc’ exists, then F11. Else, ‘do while’ loop, press enter until errortype_poc = true.

Where I’m having problems:

  1. I can’t get the ‘enter’ key to loop until ‘errortype_poc’ is found. It simply presses ‘enter’ once and stops.
  2. If ‘errotype_poc’ is found, input the value that is on the same row (value to the far left of that row) - I have used a find relative element activity but the errortype might be on any row - does this mean I have to repeat this 15 times, once for each row?

Any help on this is greatly appreciated! Regardless of this problem I am thoroughly enjoying learning and using UIpath thus far.



Hi @richardli23,
If your computer has constant access to internet try to use Computer Vision activities. Those are very efficient and you can easier work with text on those.

Hi @Pablito,

Thanks for getting back to me - just confirming if below is the activity you are referring to?

Install this package:
And then you will have a bunch of useful tools:

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@richardli23 You can use Computer Vision if your doing this for learning purpose because the Current CV activities are for community purpose only(As far as I know). I would suggest to use a GET OCR Text activity and check if the string contains your error message, else continue the loop.