Navigating through lines within a Record in a Citrix Environment

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Below image shows a Citrix program that we use.

What I need to do is fill in the 3 highlighted columns of the appropriate line of the main table (scroll-able) based on information I have held as Variables. Unfortunately I need to be able to match the Supplier Advice No to help chose the correct line to update.

The information in the table on the top right only updates/shows the line details as you arrow down each line in the main table. There could be only one line visible or so many that they cycle off the bottom of the screen as only the first 6 rows are shown and I may need to match against the 12th line. I do also have the GIN No held in a variable that is unique to the line I need to find to be able to update.

Any advice greatly appreciated…

Thanks in advice

Hi @DawnW

To Do citrix automation why dont use send hot key as tab and then use type into or set text activity

Ashwin S

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Yes, thank you… I had the same thought a minute after posting to the forum and have since fixed my issue through Screen Scraping and Hot Keys…


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