Typeinto missing values while writing in citrix application


I am automating flash player embedded web app but I m facing a problem where TypeInto is missing some characters of the string while writing, sometimes it will write well but unfortunately sometimes not. I tried giving delay between keys still some characters getting missed and also simulate type option giving error as: Cannot use UI_CONTROL_API on this UI node. Please use UI_HARDWARE_EVENTS method.

Can anyone knows how to resolve it?

Hi Sunitha,

Sometimes we encounter this behavior when UiPath starts to type into the field before the field is ready, resulting in some characters not registering with the field. If this is the case, we’d see that the letters that are missed are the ones at the beginning of the string, is this the case for you?

If so, you have a couple options. If you were accessing the fields via selectors, we could try changing the “Wait for Ready” field under “Target” in the properties pane. However, since it sounds like you’re using image-based (“citrix”) automation, we can’t take this approach.

Instead, I’d suggest trying some of our Event activities to know when a good time is to type. For example, you could use the “On Image Appear” or “On Image Vanish” to look for part of the screen you know will appear/disappear when the page is fully loaded. There are other similar activities you could try if these are giving you trouble as well.

Hope this helps!



Hi @Evan_Bruns,

No for me it is like first it will go to type into ,then for next iteration type into not performing
But it wont show error
You have any solution for this criteria