Chrome Native Messaging Not Working After Upgrading The Extensions To MV3

Why the Extensions are not working after upgrading to MV3?

Issue Description: Although the extensions can be successfully installed, Chrome native messaging is not showing as working in Task Manager.

This happens when installing the extension from the Webstore (Chrome or Edge) with a user that does not have administrator rights.


Approach #1:

  • Check the policy in the browser (chrome://policy or edge://policy or the policy JSON file) and look for NativeMessagingUserLevelHosts

  • Set the NativeMessagingUserLevelHosts policy to true and check the behaviour afterwards.

Approach #2:

  • Install the Native host from Studio -> Tools -> Extensions (this can be done starting with Studio v.2022.10) followed by an installation of the extension from the webstore (Chrome or Edge).

  • Alternatively, install the Native Host from an elevated Command prompt using the SetupExtensions Tool:
  • SetupExtensions.exe /ChromeNativeHostGlobal (for Chrome) or
  • SetupExtensions.exe /edge-chromium-nativehostglobal (for Edge)

Note: UiPath Chrome extension and UiPath Edge extension make use of cmd.exe to function (C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe). Without this the browser would not be able to launch ChromeNativeMessaging.exe that is used to communicate with Studio / Robot.