Microsoft Edge Extension - Help

Can anyone Help me into this Please?
I am unable to use selectors on Mocrosoft edge and Google chrome, I enabled the extensions still i getting this error.
My Chrome native Messaging.exe is not running?
Is there any solution to fix ths issue?
Plesae Help.Thank you in Advance.

Dude Do Like this First you remove the extension uninstall the Chrome or try this clear the history and aging install and install the extension

Or in the run type %temp% and clear the All the folder

I hope it will help you and please update the system properly some times it happen so please make sure about it

Chethan P

Hi ,

did you try deleting the extension from chrome and re-install from uipath ,

Yes,I tried all the options but nothing worked for me.

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Same error i was getting, This was occured because Chrome Native messaging was not running that time. After fixing my issue this is running now,as you see in this pic.

Please check in your task manager this is running or not. If not then try to fix that.

For fixing this issue i reset my PC to default setting and now My issue is resolved.

Happy Automation :grinning:

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Hi @Anjali_Rani

Use the above link and try it, it might help you to install chrome extension.


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