Chrome Extension problem

Hi everyone,

I am working on Windows server 2019 with UiPath 21.10.4 community edition and latest chrome extension.

Chrome web automation extension was working with the previous community version of studio and previous extension. However, UiPath is not able to communicate through web extension. I am getting and errands “Can not communicate with Chrome. Please check web extension.”

I tried reinstalling both UiPath studio and chrome but I am not able to resolve the problem.

Anyone has any idea what could be the issue? I have installed studio on my profile and there is another system administrator profile is there on the server.

Hope someone could help me with this issue.

Thank you!!!

Did you enable the extension after installing it? Also, the install is for current user only. If you have users BobJ and TimT on ServerA, you have to log into ServerA as BobJ, install and enable, then log out, then log in as TimT, install and enable, etc.

Yes, I enabled it from the chrome. I also enabled “Allow in incognito” and “Allow access to file”.

I have UiPath installed by system administrator account and I installed Chrome. When I installed extension from UiPath, it says UiPath extension for chrome was installed via policy per system.

Did I miss anything here?

Whichever user you are using for your Robot, log in manually as that account and check if the Chrome extension is enabled.


Check below docs for your reference

Hope this may help you


Yes, I can see the extension enabled.

Where did you get the extension you installed? You should remove it and try installing it from Studio. I bet you have an old version.

As I mentioned in my original post, I tried all the troubleshooting steps provided by UiPath.

Is there anything else that could prevent UiPath from communicating with web extension?

Yeah, the version you installed is an old version.

The version I have installed is the latest stable version. I have the same combination of studio and web automation extension version working on my personal laptop.

I wonder if there is some sort of security restriction preventing browser extensions from being used on servers, and it will need to be whitelisted.

That is I want to figure out that what security settings need to be changed.

Nobody here can know that. You have to work with your network security team. Only they can know how your systems are secured.

The main thing is that it was working before and now it stopped working. Moreover, there has been not any changes from security perspectives.

They always say that, then after two days of digging you find they updated an expired certificate or something.

I have now both UiPath studio and chrome installed under my account and still having the same issue.

Log in as whichever user the automation will run under (ie the username defined in the Robot in Orchestrator). Go into Chrome (Settings, Extensions) and manually remove the UiPath plugin. Then open Studio and go to the Home tab, click Tools, and install the Chrome extension from there. Then enable it in Chrome. Do all of this logged in as whichever user you will run the automation with. Usually Robots are service accounts, not user logins.

I did the same thing as I am trying to make it work on thy account that I am developing.

Hi @jrp

Take a look to this thread, if you already done it make sure to upgrade your uipath uiautomation activities in manage packages.


It helped me as well @AMALRAJ during my trouble with chrome extension , thanks for sharing.